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Monday, July 25, 2011

Today I don't feel like doing anything

The little getaway to Melbourne was great, but when I take a lil break from blogging it turns into a HUGE break. It takes a while for me to get back into it.

But the real reason is that I've been having major fail with my ENAS soft stamping. I usually do my nails at night, and take picture the next morning. But since I've been so unhappy with my failed attempts, I removed them before I went to bed. Therefore no pictures the next day.

Excuses excuses, right?

Maybe I'm just being a lazy shit:
This is my dog by the way, sometimes I wish I could be her for just one day (so I can sleep all day too).


  1. Being lazy at times is fun too ;)
    Awww your dog is such a cutie ^_^

  2. Hey reeree, I'm going to be staying in Brisbane City Sunday-Monday. Are there any good places to buy polish?

  3. Cel - my dog is really cute, ONLY when she wants something xD

    Vita - There's Myer and DJs for Kit, Essie, Chi Chi and OPI, but you have that in Melbourne! Garnsis boutique in Elizabeth Arcade stock a small range of Picture Polish. There's a hairdresser near the entrance of Elizabeth Arcade with heaps of Orly polishes (I've only looked, never purchased because I'm scared I'll go crazy). You've got to find a Cosmetics Plus store for sure though - they've got a huge range of BYS and other polishes. I think the closest to Brisbane City would be Indroopilly Shopping Centre Cosmetics Plus. Also look for Groove, they've got heaps of NYX and LA Girls polishes. Hope this all helps! Have fun :)

  4. Wow, thanks so much! I hope I've got time cos I'll certainly want to check these out! xoxoxo