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Friday, July 1, 2011

Mode Cosmetics Nail Enamel: Messed Up

Grurple, greige, poo-colour... whatever you wish to label this colour, I'm in love! *Jenny-colour alert* In some lights it has more purple leanings, but in some it has more brown leanings. The two photos here represent the two end spectrums:

I received Mode Cosmetics Nail Enamel in Messed Up as a birthday present (way back in February) but I'm only getting around to posting it now. This was two coats, and the formula was wonderful - no streaking :D

Once my spending ban is lifted, I need to track these down and buy ALL OF THEM.

I'll run off now to get ready for work :(


  1. I love all these greige shades :) As for my untrieds...I think I have some polishes which I bought last year and still haven't worn them...oops? :P

  2. Ah I don't have a shade like this yet. This one looks very nice though. :)

  3. Maybe we'll find a giant stash of Mode in Melbourne >:D

  4. Greige is so great for this time of year - matches the Melbourne skies at the moment!

  5. The gruple colour looks lovely! I love how you wear so many different shades and types of colours I wish I was that willing to try new colours! All my polishes are basically the same colour in various different shades ><

    P.s yes, long time no comment sowie!!!

  6. Sharon- Haha I'm trying to go through my untrieds, but I just keep accumulating more and more xD

    Liz- I'm obsessed with greige :D

    Jerry- WE BETTER!

    Vita- I'll get to see Melbourne skies soon! Very excited!

    Suki- I pretty much only wear different colours on my nails, my clothes are very neutral!