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Friday, July 29, 2011

Revlon Matte Suede: Powder Puff

White polish is one of those things which remind me of childhood - good ol' White Out nails *cringe* Revlon's Matte Suede range in Powder Puff, doesn't repulse me though!

The base colour isn't stark white, it leans slightly pink. And it has blue shimmer. Pinky white with blue shimmer! You can see the blue shimmer in the bottle really well here, not so much the nails.

This was 4 coats - because I'm pedantic - but 3 would be enough for full opacity. As I put on more coats the blue shimmer disappeared with each layer which made me really sad *cries*

The finish is somewhat strange. I wouldn't call it matte because of the blue shimmer, but then its not glossy. I'd go with satin?

Another thing - this took FOREVER to dry. You can see some of the marks on my nails from my doona.

I bought Powder Puff a while ago, and actually only put it on for the first time just so I could stamp over it and do a cow print mani. THEN I FAILED. Maybe next time!


  1. Kristy - My photo doesn't do this justice! I gotta learn to take better photos :( Great blog by the way, I'm newly following you ;)

  2. What a shame it got sheet-printed. That's my pet hate!

  3. Ahhhh good ol' white out nails. We thought we were the coolest at the time.