Friday, July 8, 2011

L.A. Girl Color Addict: Intoxicate

"Purple with gold shimmer? YES PLEASE." This was what went through my head when I bought L.A. Girl Color Addict in Intoxicate. I actually picked this up before Delirious, because it looked so pretty in the bottle.

After swatching Delirious, I had high hopes for Intoxicate. I thought the bottle would translate exactly the same on nails. It turns out I shouldn't make assumptions. It may be because of the red-based purple, but on the nail the shimmer takes on a copper tone rather than gold. Or the gold shimmer just isn't as prominent as it is in the bottle.

I still like it and all, but its not as gorgeous as Delirious. In some lights/angles it does look super gold, but generally just coppery shimmer.
Two coats for opacity, and the pictures are with Sally Hansen Mega Shine Topcoat. The topcoat brings out the shimmer a little more, otherwise the polish looks pretty flat.

PS. Excuse the messy application (as in the polish all over my cuticles). I did clean it up after the photos. I think.

PPS. Gotta love scheduled posts. When this goes up, I'll be slaving away at work. Yes, I'm working until 9pm.


  1. Pfft look at that polish ALL OVER your cuticles Jenny Reeree, just like ALL THAT TIPWEAR. You're so crazy XD

  2. Ooooh this is a perdy one! I like :D

  3. Hello you! What a lovely shade of purple! Deep and gorgeous and gold shimmers?! Perfect! You see? This is my problem, I think this colour is beautiful but I would never wear it T_T but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it's pretty-ness!

    hahahah Australia is definitely on my list of places to visit! I think it'd be wonderful to be surrounded by water and I'd love to see the Sydney Opera house in person! (I've been studying it in class) But Im afraid Australia is going to have to wait since Paris seems like the winning city for me right now =P

  4. super gorgeous color! and gl with your final year of undergrad! don't be scared of your future, be excited about it :D it's not that bad growing up ;)

  5. Jerry- It IS all over my cuticles!! jszhgfikszfga

    Em- I know, I like it lots too :D

    Suki- Thats the problem I have with eyeshadows and lipsticks. So many pretty colours but I can't wear them! and Paris? Ooh la la!

    Jenny- Thank you!