Friday, July 30, 2010

Chanel Particulière Dupe - Etude House BR303

Okay, I know the craze over Chanel Particulière has subsided already. But I still adore this colour to bits. When I came across the Etude House BR303 on their website, I thought it might possibly be a dupe for Particulière so I purchased it.

When I received the bottle, I was rather disappointed because it does not look the same. In the bottle, BR303 has more of a grey tinge to it in comparison to Particulière. After trying it out however I was pleasantly surprised.

Middle finger: Chanel Particulière, Ring finger: Etude House BR303. I applied one coat of each (though a thicker coat for BR303).

They look pretty darn similar to me! There is a HUGE difference in opacity and viscosity, but the colour is the most important in my opinion (when it comes to Particuliere). As most reviews/swatches have pointed out, Chanel Particulière is opaque with one coat if applied well although I think two coats gives the true colour of the bottle. Particulière applies like a dream as well as drying pretty fast. Etude House BR303 on the other hand, is quite runny and so is hard to get a even spread with just one coat. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but the BR303 kind of ran and clumped a little on the side (so in the pictures the BR303 looks warmer on the nail because there is still some pink showing through). Also BR303 is less opaque than Particulière if the same amount is applied.

With two coats of BR303, I think it would definitely be a dupe for Particulière (in terms of colour). I'd say roughly 95% similarity, a closer match than the swatches I've seen for OPI You Don’t Know Jacques.

HAUL- Two days in a row

My internet orders arrived two days in a row! YAY. Ordered on Monday, arrived Friday. Only took 5 days from Korea, so super fast shipping. I love Gmarket. Etude House nail polishes were half price, so I couldn't resist!

Top Row: Etude House Nail Polish BR301, PP903, GR604, BL504, BR303, PK004, Etude House Mini French 06 French Silver Glitter
Middle Row: Prorance Finish Water Glow M13 Highlighter, Gift from Etude House (Mirror), Etude House Quick Dry, Etude House Nail Art Pen 01 White

Last Row: Etude House Petit Darling Eyes (Matte) Cocoa, Cafe Latte, Etude House Drawing Eyebrow 01 Black-brown

I will be doing separate reviews for individual products.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

OMG lipsticks arrived

YAY SUPERHAPPYFUNTIMEZ! I ordered lipsticks on ebay on the 19th and 21st of July, and they arrived together today (29th). So shipping was super fast from the US to Australia :)

The first one is MAC Dressmaker Dressmaker. I wanted it so badly after I swatched it when it first came out in MAC's Pret-a-papier collection, but didn't have the cash. I went back a week or so later and obviously it was sold out. So off to ebay I went. I pretty much "watched" it every day, until there was only two left in stock so I HAD to get it before it sold out on ebay too! Super pleased and it was worth the extra 1 dollar ($35AUD normally, I payed $36.10AUD including shipping). I won't do a swatch for this, because there are so many great swatches already (and this is my new baby so I gotta be careful). Absolutely love it.

Next lot is Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks. Over here the price range is $21-$24AUD depending on where you go, which is ridiculous. On ebay it was $35.57AUD including shipping for THREE! I got Soft Nude, Carnation and Blush. Like everyone has already commented, they feel really soft and moisturising but with great colour payoff! I really wanted Soft Nude, and now my life is complete (until I find another nude lipstick I love). Carnation is a hot pink, a little too bright for every day wear, but it is a lovely colour. Blush seems to be a MLBB lipstick for a lot of girls, but on me it seems too frosty to be MLBB. Here are the swatches for my warm Asian skintone!

Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks: Blush, Carnation and Soft Nude respectively. Two strokes.

Non-makeup related happiness:
StarCraft II was released on the 27th of July :D
My brother brought it home today, so I am stoked to try it on the weekend. I've only been waiting for like 10 years or so >_>

Etude House GR601 Pop Green Slush

SECOND REVIEW WOOT. I originally wanted to do all my Chi Chi nail polishes first, but I felt like wearing this colour last night.

For this swatch, it was close to midnight and I painted my nails while I was printing double sided lecture notes. So please excuse the poor application (empty patches AND polish on the skin)...

Thumb: one thick coat, Fingers: two thin coats

Etude House GR601 Product Page Picture

The camera doesn't seem to be able to pick up the green of the polish. I got a picture of the product page of Etude House, because the actual colour is closest to that but with a pop of green. It is a very bright teal which I absolutely love. This one is a lot thinner/watery than the PK010. Even though it is so watery, one coat can actually give an opaque payoff (for the thumb I only applied one coat). In saying that though, I prefer watery because its less likely to become streaky.

No top coat for this one too, because I didn't have time (wanted to sleep). I applied it last night and had uni all day 9am-5pm, and it hasn't chipped or peeled yet!

That's all for now, please comment on how to improve on my reviewing skills ^__^

Monday, July 26, 2010

Chi Chi Hollywood Heiress, Etude House PK010

Very first review/swatch post ever! My camera is rather crappy so sorry about the quality of the photos...But I think the photos are a pretty good match to the actual colours!

I love Chi Chi nail polishes since they were the first nail polishes other than $2 chemists nail polishes for me. They are not gluggy but not too thin, and apply smoothly to the colour in the bottle in two coats! They come in a range of colours, and I end up buying another one if they are on sale at Myer. Chi Chi cosmetics is an Australian brand and proudly Australian Made.

Etude House nail polishes are great since they're so cheap and come in small bottles so you can buy heaps of colours without worrying they'll dry up before you get to use them ^__^ They apply pretty well for the price (1000-2000 Korean won which equates to like $1.50-$3 AUD depending on exchange rates), with much better opacity than $2 chemists nail polishes.

Left: Chi Chi Hollywood Heiress, Right: Etude House PK010
(Note- Chi Chi nail polish bottle tops have 4 silver lines around the top, I accidentally wiped this one with nail polish remover)

Chi Chi Hollywood Heiress is my all time favourite nail polish. I'm on my second bottle because the first one got gluggy after a while so I put nail polish remover in it (idiotic I know) and the colour changed :S I don't think there are any swatches available for Hollywood Heiress (well I can't find it on Google anyway) even though it's so pretty! It is a very pinky coral, two coats for opacity with no streaks. I didn't apply a top coat to show how shiny it is! I absolutely love this colour, and I think it suits all skin tones. I have light yellowish hands (typical Asian) and my mum has darker browner hands - it suits us both.

Etude House PK010: Index and pinky finger, Chi Chi Hollywood Heiress: the other three >_>

As for the Etude House PK010, it is a Barbie pink. Not hot pink but the pink Barbie cars and houses are made of. I wouldn't call this shade a baby pink or strawberry milk pink because they have more white in them... I applied two coats, with no top coat again. I don't wear pink nail polish often, but this one is okay - as long as I don't JUST wear this one on its own. I had to file my nails short because I can't wear pink on long nails (frightens me a little).

There you have it, first review ever! Please comment on how I can improve *^_^*

Why I started this blog:

Firstly, my Bookmarks/Favourites tabs were getting too cluttered (from all the stalking). So I figure I will make a blog so I can follow (or legitimately stalk) bloggers instead :)

Secondly, I like to play with (emphasis on PLAY) make-up but only at home. SOMEONE MUST SEE IT! Also so I can keep track what looked bad/semi-acceptable.
Disclaimer- I am clearly an amateur and not particularly good at make-up in general.

Thirdly, I am an epic hoarder of nail polish, especially Chi Chi. Even when they dry out I can't seem to throw them away! So I decided I will provide swatches for my beloved nail polish collection.

Lastly, to make new friends on the interwebz :D As I am a rather antisocial being in real life, I figured making friends on the internet will suffice. SO TALK TO ME DAMNIT.

Thank you for reading my rambling!