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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Revlon Limited Edition: Ornate Ore

This is a revisited post, following my Molten Metal post. I originally posted Revlon Ornate Ore for Christmas last year. This came up in my comments for Molten Metal, so I wanted to do a revisited post. Ornate Ore was released in the same collection as Molten Metal in 2007 (Thank you Cat, Jaztee and Vita!).

I swear this looks prettier in person, I just couldn't capture the multicoloured sparks. Three coats for opacity and the formula is quite runny- which on the upside translates to fast drying time!

Note to self: wear this polish more often.


  1. Great swatch, this is such a hard one to capture! I'm with you - no idea why I don't wear it more often. :)

  2. Guess what I'm wearing today? LOL You'd better believe it - great winter shade too!

  3. Argh why must they have 2 colours with similar names and similar shades D: SO CONFUSING

  4. Jaztee- Thank you! I will wear it once I go through my brand-new stash xD

    Vita- Can't wait for your swatch post :D

    Jerry- I knowwww. My brain can't cope with similar names!