Thursday, July 14, 2011

ENAS soft-stamping kit arrived! *SQUEEEEEE*

As this scheduled post goes up, I'll be at the King Tut exhibition in MELBOURNE! I've never been so I'm really excited because I've heard so much about the food and shopping. Here's hoping I don't spend too much money on unnecessary things.

Onwards to what turned up on my doorstep on Monday -->

I've been staying away from Konad because I know I will fail miserably. Konad requires one to be speedy, and I'm so slow in general (and especially slow with nails). When I read about ENAS soft stamping, I thought I struck gold! Soft stamping requires you to wait for the polish to dry a little on the plate before you stamp, which I was happy to do.

So I bought an ENAS kit containing two plates, three polishes and a topcoat, as well as two other plates:

This is the back of the pack, just explains how to soft-stamp (thank god I can read Korean, or I'd be like "WTF"):

Here's my first attempt at soft stamping. I ripped it open pretty much as soon as it arrived and applied it on my half-day old mani. I used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Celeb City, and to my surprise it worked pretty well!

When I do a full mani using these, I'll post step-by-step pictures.


  1. Great idea. I have a fear of Konad too!

  2. Another one here with Konad fear! This looks great though.

  3. Good to see that I'm not the only one with Konad-fear!

    Jerry- I gotta shove this in your face one of these days!