Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to uni

HARRO! I'm still here. I was just being super lazy about blogging. Perhaps I'm just not fit to be a blogger...
Enough babble, here's what I wore on my first day back at uni: Essie Pretty Edgy
The formula is really thin, so it was a pain to apply. Also, tipwear is a tad prominent even after the second day of wear. But the glorious shade of green!
These are just poor quality photos from my phone which I took while I was waiting for the train. Public transport sucks.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ozotic Pro Multichrome Skittle

I couldn't wait until the end of my placements to swatch these, so I did a random skittle mani for all of  5 minutes, then removed it all. So please excuse the bad application, I just really wanted to see what it looked like!

Two coats of black polish - Maybelline Colorama Dark Chcolate - with one coat if each Ozotic. The order from left to right is 521, 528, 503 followed by black polish with nothing on it.

Multichrome awesomeness. That is all.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ozotic Pro 517: Light green linear holo...

which looks silver most of the time.
Can you tell I swatched this on the same day as Ozotic Pro 509? RIGHT HAND SHOT

Maybe I fail at telling colours apart, but Ozotic Pro 517 looks the same as 509 most of the time. Maybe its the holo effect blinding me. 517 is not as sheer as 509, so I only applied 3 coats here. At first I was like "WTF I just bought two identical nail polishes", then found under artificial lighting (I noticed the difference at work), 509 is straight silver while 517 has a light green tinge.
I really wanted to capture the difference between 509 and 517. But clearly failed. 

With flash. Q: Can you tell which nail is which polish? Answer is below!
In shade

Under sunlight
A: 509, 517, 509, 517

517 on left, 509 on right

You can kind of see the difference in the bottle photo above. Similar or not, 517 is an awesome holographic polish!

Have you ever bought nail polish practically the same colour without realising?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ozotic 509: Silver linear holographic FTW

After complaining on my blog about full time placements, I got the day off today as "library day". So I'm supposed to spend it researching and writing my report. Two weeks down, two weeks to go!!

I took this opportunity to paint my nails xD

I chose Ozotic 509:
Looks amazing, no?

It was quite sheer, there aren't many reviews out there for 509 so I'm not sure if its just my bottle or all of them. I applied 5 coats for these pictures, but after the 3rd coat it didn't really make a difference. I'm just really pedantic over VNL! Though it dried mega fast and applied so beautifully that 5 coats didn't even take very long to apply.

I had a hard time trying to photograph this, it just didn't want to be captured! That's why the following pictures are all wonky and such.

I'm gonna go now, and wipe the drool on my laptop.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

piCture pOlish haul!

After a 8am to 4pm day of free labour (placements), I got home to find the "you missed the post" slip. I was really tired so I made mum go and get my package for me - I'm a horrible daughter, I know!

From L-R: Ozotic Pro 528, 503, 521, 517, 509 and piCture pOlish Antique.

I can't wait to swatch them all! Too bad I'm doing my full-time placements at a hospital for the next 2 and a half weeks, so I can't paint my nails.

Here are some close-ups:
Ozotic Pro 517 and 509
517 is a light green linear holo, while 509 is a silver linear holo. They look really similar though...

Ozotic Pro 503 and 521
503 is a green based multichrome, and 521 is a red-purple based multichrome.

These pictures were taken in my bedroom with crappy lighting. When I get around to swatching these, I promise I'll have better pictures!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Face Shop: GL112 aka goldish metallic

What a shame the Face Shop don't name their polishes. I absoultely fail at describing a specific colour - like this one - and the name GL112 doesn't do this colour justice at all! I got this on my recent(ish) Melbourne trip. I'm so jealous of you Melbournites, with easy access to pretty asian cosmetics and MACARONS!!

Glittery frosty finish, but not streaky. I may have mentioned before, but I can't apply frosty polishes to save my life (streaky mess, anyone?). This one, though frosty, wasn't too horrible in the brush-marks department. 3 thin coats for opacity as per these pictures, and no top coat here. The only issue I had with this polish was the size of the brush. It is FAT. Not only fat, but FANS OUT. What does that mean? Messy application - for me at least - because I clearly apply nail polish with my eyes closed. I'll post a picture of brush comparisons soon.

But for only 3 bucks, I'll recommend everyone to go and get this polish. Along with 50 other polishes from the Face Shop. 

PS. I just updated to the new blogger editor. I don't like it very much because I'm not used to it. Maybe it'll grow on me.