Friday, August 27, 2010

Oooh, shiny!

Prorance Finish Water Glow M13 Highlighter is all round shiny from the packaging to the contents. Makes me squeal like a piglet. Look at it. Isn't it gorgeous?
Comes with a brush which is not a horrible quality but you'd probably be better off using another brush.

Swatched with my finger,

Swatched using the brush provided. Can't really see the shimmer, but there was specks of shimmer everywhere on my arm!

The shiny particles (shimmer?) are quite small, and not chunky. I think this would be a great every day highlighter, if I was to wear highlighter daily myself. I tend to stay away from shimmery products for daily wear because they always ends up ALL over my face.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

FunnyFace Beauty: I Dare You to Wear

FunnyFace Beauty challenged her subscribers to recreate this look, from from the Derek Lam 2010 Spring fashion show:

Originally I was all "I don't have time to try this look", but I really wanted to try. So I am ignoring my 5000 word assignment... I only did half a face, because I can never get both eyes to look the same unfortunately. So here is a bathroom faceshot (first face shot EVAR!):
I know I am epic fail at blending and applying eye shadow, but this is the first look with more than one bright colour I've ever done! I tried to get the closest to the colours in the pic, but it doesn't look right. I don't know why I have no eyelashes there, since I went crazy with my curler and mascara. Also I put on a heck lot of orange blush, don't know where that disappeared to as well.

Suggestions for improvements would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inglot Haul + Swatches

A little birdie told me the local Inglot store was having a 30% off closing down sale, so I couldn't resist but to go and make unnecessary purchases. But everything is oh so pretty.

Took a lot of willpower I must admit, but I only bought a Freedom System palette and one nail polish.

The palette has room for four shadows and one blush. Shadows (all shimmery): 473 (light blue green), 68 (dark blue), 471 (khaki), 27 (gold)
Blush: 52 (matte brown orange)

From left: 27, 471, 68, 473, 52. Swatched on my bare arm with my fingers.

As you can see in the above picture, the gold shadow has a different finish compared to the other three shadows. The others are more matte with shimmer whereas the gold is satin with shimmer? I have no idea how to describe shadows, so that is all I can say really. The colour swatched is true to the colour in the pan, which is great. The khaki is sooooo pretty, the picture doesn't do justice. I'm crap at applying eye shadow but it makes me so happy to just stare at them and swatch them XD

The blush has really high colour payoff, I had no idea and looked like I was going through menopause. Oops. On my cheeks it looks pinky for some reason.

Nail polish: 834 (metallic purple)
I only own one other Inglot polish, and from these two I came to the conclusion I don't like Inglot polishes very much. The other one I own is also a metallic finish, which may be why I don't like it since they show stroke marks. Or it could just be because I'm bad at applying it. I need to try a creamy finish then I'll be sure whether I like them or not.

The polish is quite thin, which also adds to the difficulty in application. Though it has a high shine metallic finish as in the picture above, which looks great. So-so opacity, had to apply three coats for this (also to even out patchy areas) and wait for it to dry... not a slow drier but not fast either. Overall love the colour, not so much the formula.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

On The Prowl with an updated blog name

You might be thinking "WTF". I decided to change the url and name of my blog to better reflect myself and the content of the blog. Did you know crouching for an extended period is something that has to be learned growing up? SilhouetteScreams pointed it out to me. I crouch with ease for example to pick up something from the ground but my friends find it more difficult. By "crouching" I'm referring to this position -->That is me in the picture in my high school jersey. Oh yes we had a random reunion in our jerseys and stuffed our faces with food. Twas glorious. Now on to the nail polish...

On The Prowl by Chi Chi:
This would have to be shoulder-to-shoulder with my favourite nail polish Hollywood Heiress. As with all Chi Chi nail polishes I've tried, great application and opacity. In the picture below I applied two coats. with base and top coat. Unlike the Etude House polishes from the previous post, Chi Chi polishes come out to the exact colour of the bottle AND do not chip easily. Proudly Australian made and owned!
Now describing the colour is more of an issue. As much as I love this colour I have no idea how to describe it. Pinky-purple? Purple-pink? Orchid? Fuchsia? The colour in real life is in between the two pictures above. I couldn't capture the exact colour so I took one photo under direct natural light and one under shadowed natural light.

I saw a light khaki nail polish while window shopping yesterday. Should I get it or would it be horrendous?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't you dare start chipping on me on the first day of wear!

Oh yes. These two started chipping on the first day of wear. Even with a base coat and top coat. *twitchy eye*

Etude House nail polishes are super cheap, so I suppose I shouldn't have had such high expectations. BUT the GR601 Pop Green Slush was great and lasted three days without chipping or peeling. So Etude House nail polishes are kinda a hit-and-miss I suppose. The two here are PK004 Pink Salmon, and BR301 Red Tea Milk. I was confused with their colour-coding, because PK should be pink and BR should be brown...these two may need swapping around.

Etude House PK004 Pink Salmon:
I don't know where they got "salmon" out of this colour. I don't have any other colours like this one so I can't give a comparison. The photo is pretty close to what it looks like in real life. I think its a nice sophisticated pinky-brown, a little like a typical MLBB lipstick shade. Here I applied three coats, because I had missed some patches (Note to self: don't apply nail polish in the dark while watching TV). One coat was a sheer natural colour, but it was a little streaky. Applies pretty well, not too runny but not gluggy. Oh but the CHIPPING. The next morning I found a chip. How did I chip it while sleeping I am unsure, but it did.

Etude House
BR301 Red Tea Milk:
The name of this shade is perfect. Red tea milk. I love this colour, in real life it is more a mute milky browny-pink. Applies brighter than the bottle and is a similar consistency to the PK004 above - not too runny, not too gluggy. Two coats in this picture, but one coat seemed pretty good too. Sheerer than this obviously but still a nice colour without streaks. This one peeled/chipped the next afternoon, I applied it at night so within 24 hours of application.

Do dry hands cause chipping?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Look at my nails, I'm responsible. You wanna gimme a job?

That was what I was going for with this:
Maybelline Express Finish 50 second nail color 35 Sheer Satin Slip (2 coats)
Maybelline Express Finish 50 second nail color 10 Base & Top Coat

This is after three days of wear, no chips or peeling! Happy about the wear, but Sheer Satin Slip is super runny and difficult to apply. Can you see the streaks on the index and middle fingernails? Oh how I hate streaks. The pinky fingernail is the same colour as the bottle, a nice sheer pink (as the shade name suggests). Also it stays true to the product name and dries quickly.

I felt so naked and strange with nude nail polish. Even my mum, who bought the nail polish (for herself, not me) commented on how weird it is to see my nails without colour.

Even with my nail polish efforts, no job yet. *cries*

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trying out new products

Woo, I couldn't help but want to use new products to do something new! This is the first time I've tried doing polka dots and using the mini french brush so it is rather atrocious.

Products used:

Maybelline Express Finish 50 second Nail Color 10 Base and Top Coat
(for base coat) - Dries super fast so is really useful as a base coat.

Etude House Nail Polish PP903 Lilac milk
- Two coats for opacity, so-so consistency. Applies better than PK010 but not as well as GR601.

Etude House Nail Art Pen 01 White - Thick enough so one application is opaque. Sets too fast but dries SUPER slowly. It's shaped like a Wite-Out pen so easy to handle for polka dotting purposes.

Etude House Mini French 06 French Silver Glitter
- The brush looks like a ridiculously long liquid eyeliner brush. Difficult to handle because the brush is long and not stiff enough. Dries fast though, and is packed with glitter. Actually its pretty much glitter in a bottle with evaporant.

Etude House Quick Dry
- Can't tell if it works or not, because I didn't touch my nails to check. But I can definitely feel it evaporating. The bottle is TINY though so it better work.

Jordana French Manicure 144 Barely Pink
(as top coat) - Got this in a closing down sale a year ago, wish I bought all of their French Manicure colours. Dries fast and doesn't streak at all. It is thin enough to not disrupt whatever is already on the nail so I like to use it as a top coat sometimes :)

I swear I AM improving. I'm restricting myself from buying Konading materials until I master polka-dotting and drawing lines.