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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yes, I am a lazy shit.

I have been doing my nails every 3 days or so as per usual, but I'm too lazy to take photos. Plus I've been trying out the new polishes I got on eBay, and there a ton of swatches for them online already! (excuses, excuses) BUT DID ANYONE ACTUALLY MISS ME? I think not. *cries*

So here are the swatches for the day. These are Peripera Wonder of Lips lipsticks. On the left is 8 퓨어핑크 (Pure Pink) and on the right is 20 츄잉오렌지 (Chewing Orange). I wanted a Barbie pink lipstick as well as a bright orange one, so when I saw these on sale I just HAD to get them!

The formula is glossy and not drying, but not the most opaque. (three layers for the swatch above) Similar to MAC lustre finish lipsticks. I personally like and prefer MAC lustre finish lipsticks, so I like these Peripera lipsticks. The pink one is glossier with sparkles in it, which I don't like, but you can't even see the sparkles once on the lips. The orange one is creamy and more opaque than the pink.

So overall, I like these lipsticks and would like to try out more shades in the future.
[But not too soon, because I'm on a lipstick ban at the moment.]


  1. wahhh~ I really like the pink colour! But pinks don't look good on me, you're so lucky to be able to wear such a pretty colour! Im looking forward to your future nail art creations!

    hahaha i love my rain boot but not the snow! It's really pretty when it first falls but then it start to get slushy, cold, icy and gross haha, we get snow here at least once a year and i hoping it's just once but i think once more on christmas eve would be very nice too! Then it'd be a real white xmas!

  2. Oh the colours are nice.
    I'm not much of a lipstick girl but I guess maybe don't like the taste or haven't found the right colour for me...

    Where on ebay are you shopping? Link me please cause I'd like to buy some new nailpolish colours and try stuff out

  3. Muahahaha you got an orange lipstick! They're both so purrty :D

    You must link us slappers to the weird shops you frequent ;]