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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays ^__^

As much as my family does not celebrate Christmas as such, its just such a jolly time of the year! (except for the fact it is raining bucketloads right now, and I nearly died driving home from work)

This year is special because for the first time, I'm actually gonna be celebrating it like a real Christmas at a friend's for lunch/dinner. It was so great of her to invite me for what I gather is generally only a family thing. RUB YOU RONG TIME xo

So I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and eat lots of yummy food :)

Onwards to the nail post-

I've always liked cream-finish brown/grey/beige/taupe nail polish, but lately I'm drawn to glittery polishes. This one is a combination of both, in that it is a taupe glittery polish; Revlon's Ornate Ore.

I really wanted to capture the multicoloured fine glitter, but the best I could come up with is this, which just looks like silver and gold glitter (if even that). It has really TINY sized glitter, so even with one coat there is no grittiness although not opaque. Three coats for full opacity, it was quite runny (but easy to apply) and dried quickly. The colour looks different depending on the light which I love ^__^


  1. omgosh! this polish is so lovely! i'm surprised this is the first time i've seen a nail post about this! hope you're enjoying the holidays!

  2. hahaha Im sure a lot of ppl were disappointed that the tree wasn't really made of real chocolates~

    I will definitely take lots of pictures when I go to Disneyland, I might even need to make a separate blog lol! I hope not though, it's hard enough keeping one blog steady! Im so excited though, Disney world keeps getting closer! Do you have any plans to travel soon?

  3. love this color, very festive and sparkly! really liking your blog. im now a follower, come by and follow back if you'd like
    happy holidays xo

  4. SO PRETTAYYYYYY and you are on crack for thinking it had tipwear :)