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Friday, December 17, 2010

Smokey Eye MAC Technique Seminar

Seminar makes it sound so fancy, but that is the full title of it. On 15th of Dec Wednesday night, I went to a smokey eye lesson at MAC with the Kraken (I know you're reading this, yes I took photos and I'm posting it like you told me to!)

As I've mentioned it in a previous post, I was super excited for it: A 2-hour lesson from MAC makeup artists followed by getting $120 worth of MAC products!! AND THERE WAS FOOD. (pretty much the most exciting thing yes?)

The lesson consisted of a mua applying makeup on another mua, while we followed step by step. Wish I had taken my camera there, but I went straight from being stuck in labs all day so I didn't think that far ==;;

We learned the basics of prepping the skin, applying foundation/concealer then moved on to the eyeshadow. The products used for the eyes were Painterly Paint Pot as a base, White Rabbit, Melt My Heart and Carbon eyeshadows from the Reelers & Rockers palette, and one of the mascaras (I wasn't told which one). On the face, there was a bronzer (dunno which one), Melba blush followed by Viva Glam V lipstick.

I've cropped/resized and adjusted brightness of the photos, but haven't touched anything else (because I don't know how to do that).

Excuse the clump of mascara and the two eyes being uneven. I'm just gonna pretend its because of the angle the photo was taken. These two photos were taken with flash, because I couldn't get the colour to show without flash.

The next day/night when I got home, I wanted to try it again so I don't forget what I learned. I used matte neutrals, which I am more likely to use than shimmery metallics. Here is the failcake I baked.
I really suck at blending clearly. I tried, but all I see are three splodges of colour. Damnit.

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  1. PRETTAYYYYYYYYYYYY. Awesome blending in the crease, d00d!