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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Probably the only Christmas present I'm getting this year

My family doesn't celebrate Christmas, because my dad is an atheist. Despite my mum being Christian, what my dad says goes (or so he thinks) therefore we've always just spent Christmas day like any other summer (Australia here!) day. I'm the only one who puts up a tree, decorates it and places gifts under it, but this year I was super lazy and didn't get around to putting up the tree.

So the point of today's post is this:
My bosses at work are AMAZING!! They got EVERYONE at work these gift bags filled with beauty products and lollies (and an envelope with money! REAL money!) as well as nice snacks for morning tea. In the photo there isn't very much junk food left because I ate most of it already xD The big/full size products are Australian: A'kin, Ulittlebeauty, derm organics and Natio. The lipglosses are L'oreal and Sally Hansen. There is a loose powder and eyeshadow from freshMinerals, and a clear nail polish from Sally Hansen. The other things are little samples to try.

When I looked through the products again though, I couldn't help wondering whether they're trying to tell me something or it is merely a coincidence. The lipglosses are nude/neutral, and I'm wondering whether they want me to stop wearing orange/pink lipsticks. The clear nail polish may be suggesting to stop with my colourful nails. But then I could be overthinking it (as I always seem to do).

Anyway, it was such a nice gesture and now I'm wondering what I can get for them to return the gesture. Ideas?

ps. sorry about the CAPS everywhere. I get excited easily.


  1. Pfft I'm sure if they thought your makeup was too dramatic they'd tell you :P and your ~dramatic makeup is always appropriate and subtle you n00b.

    Also, you need to let me know if you're coming to Christmas at my house! Mum needs to figure out how to much to make of things.

  2. oh thats's a bummer your family doesn't celebrate christmas! Mine's used to until my parents moved away so now I put up my xmas tree and other stuff at my bf's house since im sure my dog would destroy it if i did put it up lol!

    wow that sure is wonderful and sweet of your bosses! I have to say my ex-bosses always gave my coworkers and i odd items lol but hey i guess somethings better than nothing! they probably just bought a whole bunch of general shades so they can't go wrong right? hopefully =P It's nice that those are full size products too! lucky~

    Oh I know what you mean about roots coming out! It looks extra odd for me because I've got these front bangs haha whenever I do have roots though I just dye my hair myself and I always end up going for a lighter shade, I might end up at blonde at some point without knowing it! lol