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Saturday, December 4, 2010

My first successful nail polish sale :)

On Thursday, I sold my first bottle of nail polish because a lady noticed them on my nails! Lately I've been trying to wear brands we stock at work just so when customers ask I can refer them to the product. So I was wearing Maybelline mini Colorama in 30 Bubblegum and a lady asked what it is! I told her its Maybelline, then she went and brought two shades to purchase. It wasn't much but I was so proud to have sold something from what is just a hobby/obsession of mine :)

These photos were taken on the third day of wear, so there is a bit of tipwear but overall I think it wears pretty well! Two coats here with both base and top coats. In real life it is pinker than it looks in the photos, but I couldn't get my camera to show the true colour.

I've got two bottles of this polish because the first one started to become thick, but I still use the thick one (until I buy thinner). The new bottle however is a great consistency, not too runny but not too thick. It also dries fairly quickly.

I love these mini Colorama polishes because they're just SO CUTE! (also apply well too) And they were on sale the other week so my mum went and bought pretty much all the shades she likes.

Here are the links I was asked for:

This is where I bought the Orly, China Glaze, Essie and Zoya polishes (they also have OPI, and other brands)

And here is the English site of where I buy all my Korean cosmetics such as Etude House and Peripera (I shop on the Korean site, but I think this should be roughly the same)


  1. that colour is adorable, i love pinks hahaha

    oh I know what you mean about making a sale! i used to work in retail and I'd feel super happy if I was able to convince a custie to buy a 300$ coat when they weren't thinking about it in he first place lol hurrary for active selling!

    and thanks for the luck on mt finals! My finals aren't until next week but that's not too far from now! I usually sleep very early the day before an exam, my theory is that if you don't know if then you won't know it tmr!

  2. Om nom nom that's pretty!

    We need to do a group Etude House purchase or something, since Cait and I have decided we need lavender blush now XD