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Saturday, August 14, 2010

On The Prowl with an updated blog name

You might be thinking "WTF". I decided to change the url and name of my blog to better reflect myself and the content of the blog. Did you know crouching for an extended period is something that has to be learned growing up? SilhouetteScreams pointed it out to me. I crouch with ease for example to pick up something from the ground but my friends find it more difficult. By "crouching" I'm referring to this position -->That is me in the picture in my high school jersey. Oh yes we had a random reunion in our jerseys and stuffed our faces with food. Twas glorious. Now on to the nail polish...

On The Prowl by Chi Chi:
This would have to be shoulder-to-shoulder with my favourite nail polish Hollywood Heiress. As with all Chi Chi nail polishes I've tried, great application and opacity. In the picture below I applied two coats. with base and top coat. Unlike the Etude House polishes from the previous post, Chi Chi polishes come out to the exact colour of the bottle AND do not chip easily. Proudly Australian made and owned!
Now describing the colour is more of an issue. As much as I love this colour I have no idea how to describe it. Pinky-purple? Purple-pink? Orchid? Fuchsia? The colour in real life is in between the two pictures above. I couldn't capture the exact colour so I took one photo under direct natural light and one under shadowed natural light.

I saw a light khaki nail polish while window shopping yesterday. Should I get it or would it be horrendous?


  1. I love that color =)
    I used the sponge technique for the gradient nails as well but ehhh, didn't come out too well. I'm going to try layering them next time :D


    But srsly, that polish is really pretty! I'd say it's a.....magenta?