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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trying out new products

Woo, I couldn't help but want to use new products to do something new! This is the first time I've tried doing polka dots and using the mini french brush so it is rather atrocious.

Products used:

Maybelline Express Finish 50 second Nail Color 10 Base and Top Coat
(for base coat) - Dries super fast so is really useful as a base coat.

Etude House Nail Polish PP903 Lilac milk
- Two coats for opacity, so-so consistency. Applies better than PK010 but not as well as GR601.

Etude House Nail Art Pen 01 White - Thick enough so one application is opaque. Sets too fast but dries SUPER slowly. It's shaped like a Wite-Out pen so easy to handle for polka dotting purposes.

Etude House Mini French 06 French Silver Glitter
- The brush looks like a ridiculously long liquid eyeliner brush. Difficult to handle because the brush is long and not stiff enough. Dries fast though, and is packed with glitter. Actually its pretty much glitter in a bottle with evaporant.

Etude House Quick Dry
- Can't tell if it works or not, because I didn't touch my nails to check. But I can definitely feel it evaporating. The bottle is TINY though so it better work.

Jordana French Manicure 144 Barely Pink
(as top coat) - Got this in a closing down sale a year ago, wish I bought all of their French Manicure colours. Dries fast and doesn't streak at all. It is thin enough to not disrupt whatever is already on the nail so I like to use it as a top coat sometimes :)

I swear I AM improving. I'm restricting myself from buying Konading materials until I master polka-dotting and drawing lines.


  1. Ahhhh I love how you did it diagonal and not just straight or the tips :D

  2. Oh why thank you. But it IS rather atrocious in person. All the angles are different :/

  3. super cute nails!! i dont think i could ever achieve anything like that. mine would turn out to be a big tornado of purple, white and sparkles hehe

  4. really cutee!

  5. @Jenny: tornado of purple, white and sparkles sounds pretty though XD

    @juuuuun: thank you!