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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't you dare start chipping on me on the first day of wear!

Oh yes. These two started chipping on the first day of wear. Even with a base coat and top coat. *twitchy eye*

Etude House nail polishes are super cheap, so I suppose I shouldn't have had such high expectations. BUT the GR601 Pop Green Slush was great and lasted three days without chipping or peeling. So Etude House nail polishes are kinda a hit-and-miss I suppose. The two here are PK004 Pink Salmon, and BR301 Red Tea Milk. I was confused with their colour-coding, because PK should be pink and BR should be brown...these two may need swapping around.

Etude House PK004 Pink Salmon:
I don't know where they got "salmon" out of this colour. I don't have any other colours like this one so I can't give a comparison. The photo is pretty close to what it looks like in real life. I think its a nice sophisticated pinky-brown, a little like a typical MLBB lipstick shade. Here I applied three coats, because I had missed some patches (Note to self: don't apply nail polish in the dark while watching TV). One coat was a sheer natural colour, but it was a little streaky. Applies pretty well, not too runny but not gluggy. Oh but the CHIPPING. The next morning I found a chip. How did I chip it while sleeping I am unsure, but it did.

Etude House
BR301 Red Tea Milk:
The name of this shade is perfect. Red tea milk. I love this colour, in real life it is more a mute milky browny-pink. Applies brighter than the bottle and is a similar consistency to the PK004 above - not too runny, not too gluggy. Two coats in this picture, but one coat seemed pretty good too. Sheerer than this obviously but still a nice colour without streaks. This one peeled/chipped the next afternoon, I applied it at night so within 24 hours of application.

Do dry hands cause chipping?


  1. I like the neutral pink but the bright pink is so pretty and lively. The name also makes me crave Milk Tea with Lychee jelly. >.< You describe polishes really well btw. :D

  2. Um I'm pretty sure we need to go get bubble tea now. NOM.

  3. The bright pink isn't really bright in real life. It's a tad toned down. Thank you, I try to describe them the best I can XD

    I had bubble tea today. Roses green milk tea with pearls. <3

  4. I tried EH BR 301 just recently, but I wasn't pleased with the result. The polish chipped the same day and it gave me yellow nails in two days. Wahhh! :(