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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inglot Haul + Swatches

A little birdie told me the local Inglot store was having a 30% off closing down sale, so I couldn't resist but to go and make unnecessary purchases. But everything is oh so pretty.

Took a lot of willpower I must admit, but I only bought a Freedom System palette and one nail polish.

The palette has room for four shadows and one blush. Shadows (all shimmery): 473 (light blue green), 68 (dark blue), 471 (khaki), 27 (gold)
Blush: 52 (matte brown orange)

From left: 27, 471, 68, 473, 52. Swatched on my bare arm with my fingers.

As you can see in the above picture, the gold shadow has a different finish compared to the other three shadows. The others are more matte with shimmer whereas the gold is satin with shimmer? I have no idea how to describe shadows, so that is all I can say really. The colour swatched is true to the colour in the pan, which is great. The khaki is sooooo pretty, the picture doesn't do justice. I'm crap at applying eye shadow but it makes me so happy to just stare at them and swatch them XD

The blush has really high colour payoff, I had no idea and looked like I was going through menopause. Oops. On my cheeks it looks pinky for some reason.

Nail polish: 834 (metallic purple)
I only own one other Inglot polish, and from these two I came to the conclusion I don't like Inglot polishes very much. The other one I own is also a metallic finish, which may be why I don't like it since they show stroke marks. Or it could just be because I'm bad at applying it. I need to try a creamy finish then I'll be sure whether I like them or not.

The polish is quite thin, which also adds to the difficulty in application. Though it has a high shine metallic finish as in the picture above, which looks great. So-so opacity, had to apply three coats for this (also to even out patchy areas) and wait for it to dry... not a slow drier but not fast either. Overall love the colour, not so much the formula.


  1. that nail colour is soo cute I have a Barry M one just like it. I love the colour's in that palette, you will have to do an eye shadow look to show us :P xxx have a great week xxxx

  2. Thanks for the follow, I hope you have a great week too!

    I used the 473 shadow in the I Dare You to Wear post.

  3. Om nom nom #473 looks pretty! And I can never resist a gold eyeshadow :D

    We must venture to 'Dome Inglot when you and I can finally spend monies again!