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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Maybelline Colorama - Bubblicious

I swear I've posted more than one Maybelline Colorama polish, but it looks like I've only ever blogged about my favourite lavender one here. I own 9 of these, and after going through my camera it seems I've already swatched some of them.

Today's swatch is Bubblicious (6). I've decided I will post one Colorama every day for the next week!

2 coats for this photo without a topcoat. Bubblicious is a hot pink without any shimmer/glitter at all. These days I'm drawn to glitter and shimmer, so I haven't worn this in a long time. Plus pink isn't a colour I usually go for.

PS. Why don't we get Colorama flakies in Australia? WHYYYYY NOT? *cries in corner*

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