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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fresh start: SH Salon Effects

So my final exam for the semester was tonight. I couldn't answer some of the questions, but since they expected us to recall things from last year and the year before, I knew I wouldn't remember everything!

Now that's over, you will get more posts from me :D

I'm FINALLY going to go through my backlogged posts. There are quite a few, and I don't remember everything (as in how many coats etc) but I will get them all out there.

I'll start with something new-ish... Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Laced Up.
This photo is actually from March, I swear I'm not THIS slow with trends and such normally. I realise there are probably 934829 posts out there about these but here's mine anyway. It costs $14.95 for a box in Australia, which I think is rather pricey for one application. But I suppose it is pretty to look at. I paid less because I got it from work. Ah the benefits of working in a pharmacy!

This is what comes in the box:

And here's a photo next to my trusty Nivea lipbalm for size comparison:

You get 16 strips in total, two of each size. It was easy to apply, I just followed the instructions that came with it. The box states that it will last up to 10 days. From what I can recall it lasted about a week without a topcoat, then I had to take it off because I got sick of it. I usually change my nail colour every 3-4 days, so a week was pretty good for me.

TIP 1: I used one strip for two nails. Because I'm stingy. I purposely filed my nails down shorter than usual, cut the strip in half, and voila! So I still have another application I could use ^__^ If you have short nails, you could do this and save a bit of money.

TIP 2: Warming it up and stretching it a little will help the strip to stick on better to the nail. But stretching it does ruin the pattern, so you gotta watch out.

Okay, that's all I've come up with. (My memory does not serve me well) I have a box of Kitty Kitty waiting, so I may come up with some other things when I try that.


  1. It looks so cooooooooooooooool! PS you better post regularly or I will come to your house and cut you :)

  2. Haha yes come join me in woopwoop :)