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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maybelline Colorama - Baby Doll

My mum's favourite Colorama of the bunch - Baby Doll (60). She steals this from me so often -.-" Look at how the bottle is only half full, and this photo was taken almost 4 months ago!

Baby Doll is a sheer baby pink with a definite blue sheen. I wear it as a layering polish, because I feel it's too sheer on its own. Here I'm wearing it over Ulta3 Earl Grey. Earl Grey is a somewhat warm grey, and I like the blue sheen Baby Doll give the look. Being so sheer and all, it does apply streaky if I try to wear it alone. Even with 3 coats VNL was present.

My posts are getting shorter and shorter. I'm not lazy... ahahahahahhaaa


  1. Pretty pretty! Those mini Coloramas are so cute :D I know what you mean about the short posts.. some days I just cbf, and I've always been a very succinct writer.. I've always had trouble getting to the minimum word limit in essays cos I just get straight to the point :p