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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Greige polish is not dead!

I refuse to believe that greige polish is dead. I love muted "boring" coloured polish as much as bright sparkly polish. Greige is one of the colours my friends call "Jenny colours". (Jenny is my real name by the way) I tend not to buy nail polish colours that overlap, but when it comes to "Jenny colours" my rule doesn't apply.

So here is a long overdue revisited post of 3 greige polishes I own which are similar. You've Got Nail's post reminded me I've been meaning to correct my previous post. When I first started blogging I did a post here about two of them already, and back then I thought the colours were pretty much idential. Looking back on it, I realise I was mistaken.

The famous Chanel Particuliere in the middle, Australian brand Chi Chi High Heeled Housewife on the right and lesser known Korean brand Etude House BR303 on the left.

As you can tell from the bottles, Chi Chi is browner/warmer than the other two which are greyer. It translates like that on the nails too.

The index finger is Etude House, middle finger is Chanel, ring finger is Chi Chi and pinky is Chanel again. These were all one thick coat each, I believe.

In my previous post I said Etude House and Chanel are 95% similar. I would like to take that back. Etude House is clearly darker (though less opaque) and also leans more purple compared to Particuliere. And my beloved Chi Chi is browner and warmer than the other two.

Now that I've corrected my ignorance, I can rest easy.


  1. If you shoved your hand in my face I probably wouldn't even know you were wearing different colours. But clearly I am not schooled in the ways of greige >:P

  2. I would shove it in your face and make you guess which one is which! Wahahahaa