Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

It was my 21st birthday yesterday, and I felt so loved and spoilt! I worked all day but had delicious food with friends for dinner, followed by the cutest and delicious cake EVER!

(Bad quality photo, but I forgot my camera. This is off a friend's phone >_<)

According to my parents, it wasn't my birthday yesterday. For my birthday my parents go by the lunar calendar which generally rolls around a month later. Crazy Asians right? But my friends and I celebrate on the 26th of Feb, because that's my DOB on legal documents.

That's my life story for you, let's move on to some nail polish:

This is Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Celeb City (13). I'd been eyeing this one ever since I laid my eyes on it when the Sally Hansen brand was brought in at work. Oh how I love working in a pharmacy/drugstore just for the staff discounts!

Two coats for opacity without brush stroke marks, and it isn't too goopy or too runny. Drying time was average, but just look at the silver shimmery greatness :3 It's definitely not a foil, but looks almost like a foil because its such a shimmery metallic!

I'll now go back to nursing my big toe. I've had to teabag wrap it :(


  1. Happy birthday to you! :) Mine is on 26 Feb too :D

  2. Happy birthday! Celeb City is a great birthday polish!

  3. Happy birthday!

    I also love working in a pharmacy for the discounts. I work in a Boots store :)

  4. LOL I bet I can guess who's phone this is off ;] and I'm pretty sure your parents are the spawn of Satan d00d!

    I want that polish. RIGHT NOW. :O

  5. Wah! Your cake is adorable! Did it taste as good as it looked? hahahaha cause I know sometimes it's not ( I've had a few personal experiences =P) and happy belated bday! Oh wow I don't know many parents that go by lunar year but I think it's nice and special because it's just a lil "quirk" that makes your family more unique!

    p.s your nails are killer!

  6. Very similar to Bionic, reeree. Of course that means I love it too!