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Friday, February 18, 2011

Guess who's back, back again...


Originally, I stopped updating because of the floods in Queensland. Then I was stuck in a polish rut, where I felt everything looked ugly on my nails. Recently I've been super busy, and just plain too lazy to keep up with blogposts.

As part of my on-course honours program, I have to spend pretty much the entire summer holidays in the lab. I don't even get to blow things up or do anything cool, just sit at this boring machine:
I know, exciting right? :

The main issue with labwork is washing up glassware using acetone. ACETONE! Which needless to say, greatly shortens the lifespan of my manicures. I've still got just over a month of labwork to do, but I decided I can't keep using that as an excuse.

So in summary, I'm back and shall try to update regularly!


  1. yay you back!!! don't worry about being mia for a while, we all have lives besides blogging (no really, i do!) lol wow that machine...there really isn't much I can say to cheer you up hahahah maybe put some ribbons around the screen and replace the black chair with a pink one lol! I've also just finished my midterms = more blogging time!!! so yes, stalk my blog pls =D

  2. No more excuses or I shall punch you >:D

  3. Suki, I don't know how the other people I share that machine with will feel about ribbons and a pink chair xD

  4. I love cleaning with acetone - more excuse to change my polish frequently mwahahahah.