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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh what a crappy day... let's make it better with a holo topcoat!

I've had a horrendous day today (or yesterday, since it rolled over midnight):

Woke up early to make it in time for a meeting with my supervisor,
spent 50 minutes on the train,
the transfer train was 10 minutes late,
my supervisor didn't turn up for an hour,
I texted him and he replied "be there soon",
waited another THREE HOURS (starved myself in the process in case he turned up while I was gone to get food)
he rocks up then runs off to god knows where,
FINALLY got to speak to him and plan the rest of my project for a good 3 hours,
checked my email...

Ahh. Hating life right now. Have to re-arrange work and whatnot. Why the hell did I wake up at 5:45am to sign-on to classes if they are going to kick me out because they feel like it?

Enough with the ranting, I'll get to the pretty holo.

The holo topcoat is CoverGirl Boundless Color 430 City Lights. The particles are very fine, and one thick coat does the job shown in this picture. The picture doesn't do it justice. SO. MANY. SPARKLES. *drools uncontrollably* When I first got this, I put it over everything. Then realised it doesn't particularly look good over yellow/orange polishes. City Lights dries pretty quickly, and feels less gritty than some glittery topcoats, just because the particles are so fine. I also think this topcoat also makes the manicure last longer. And underneath the topcoat, I'm wearing:

This here, Scandal 5863 Sky Blue, I picked up over a year ago in Korea, just because the bottle was unique (and the colour is unique too!). Three coats for opacity, the formula is a tad runny and it is prone to brush stroke marks but I just love the colour of it. Even though its called Sky Blue, I think it is far from it. If the sky was this colour I'd stare at it all day!

In my next post, I'll do a comparison post of this holo with a recently discovered holo.


  1. Omg drooling over the second bottle of nail polish! I love the bottle and the colour too lol it's funny, I never wear any other colour other than pink/white but I love pastel colours, Im thinking of ditching my gel nails since they cost me way too much because Im not working and thus Im probably going to convert to a nail polish/nail art addict =D Im already looking at dotting tools, since I love polka dots! Are there any nail polishes that run thicker than normal so I can make nice dots with them? lol