Thursday, March 3, 2011

I suck at taking photos.

I took a bunch of photos for this post a while back, and when I went through them all of them were dark and useless. Even half of this photo is dark, but it will have to do!

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Mocha Mix (48)
Ah, how I love my office-friendly shades. I can't describe this shade accurately in words. Reddy brown? Brownish red? It's along the lines of Pink Salmon by Etude House, but darker and muddier. Like Celeb City, Mocha Mix is of a great consistency, opaque - this photo was two coats - and drying time was fairly short. Makes me want to buy more Sally Hansen polishes!

I'll be busy for a week or so, but I have a HUGE backlog of posts coming. I keep accumulating more polishes one way or another (bought or gifted) and haven't even swatched them -.-;


  1. ugh, one of my pet peeves is taking photos but not getting the right angle, the nice lighting and it all just comes out "un-use able!" maybe photography just isn't my thing though lol you nails remind me of a very rich chocolate milk YUM!