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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Milk chocolate, yum!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lycra Wear in 462 Milk Chocolate
I don't know about you, but I like my milk chocolate to be brown, not beige -.-"
Nonetheless, this is such a pretty colour. It required two coats for opacity, applied with a little bit of difficulty (as I seem to have with most light coloured cream polishes) and wasn't a particularly fast drier. The picture below is the best representation of colour, which is a pinkish beige cream. Nice neutral work-friendly colour!
I picked up Milk Chocolate at a discount cosmetics shop for AUD$4, because it looked so similar to another Rimmel polish, Beige Style, I had purchased THAT SAME DAY for AUD$9! If they accepted returns in Australia for cosmetics, I so would have refunded/exchanged Beige Style. I believe that Milk Chocolate is discontinued, and Beige Style is the new shade (according to the Rimmel Australia website anyway).
Left: Rimmel Lycra PRO in 365 Beige Style, Right: Lasting Finish Lycra Wear in 462 Milk Chocolate (In this picture above, Milk Chocolate came out lighter than Beige Style but in real life they look pretty much the same in the bottle. Refer to the second picture of the post for true representation of Milk Chocolate)Left: Rimmel Lycra PRO in 365 Beige Style, Right: Lasting Finish Lycra Wear in 462 Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate is slightly (very slightly) more pink than Beige Style, but other than that the colour and formula are pretty much a dupe. BUT, the major difference is the brush. Rimmel have decided that fatter brushes are better than regular brushes... I personally cannot use fat brushes, I end up with clumpy uneven application. I guess it is really just personal preference, or maybe I'm just not skilled enough. I've tried the Beige Style, and I had to even it out with a really thick coat of Seche Vite.

Description from Rimmel's website for the Lycra PRO:
NEW! The 1st professional nail polish from RIMMEL Professional finish effortlessly! “Ultimate” Maxi brush for an ultimate mistake-free application. The inimitable combination of the superior formula with Lycra® technology + Maxi brush innovation guarantees perfect coverage for superior shine & wear.

So, though they come in pretty colours I will not be purchasing any more of Rimmel's new Lycra PRO polishes because of the Maxi brush.


  1. hahaha milk chocolate most definitely is not beige! maybe if there was half cup of marshmallows melted in? haha

    the lycra pro brush is HUGE! wow. i always have such difficulty using those brushes. i think the opi brushes are my limit hehe

  2. mmm half cup of melted marshmallows *drools*

    yeah I can't use the huge brushes to save my life. which is why I should CHECK the brush before I buy nail polishes xD

  3. o0o0o just looking at the brush makes me head dizzy. This reminds me of the other day when I painted my toe nails.....I must be really rusty since I made so many mistakes I had to clean up my cuticles with polish remover lol Thank goodness my toes are far so you can't really see the mistakes from all the way up here =D

    Before I did gel nails I always bought nail polishes and let me say that I've never finished one bottle! The most I've ever used up was half a bottle and that was because it was the OPI top coating bottle that I had to use afterwards LOL

    Since you didn't get to venture anywhere away from home this holiday are you planning on going anywhere during the spring or summer?

    P.s I love feeding the favorite thing is just to click the food all in one place so they come and fight for it =P <--immature