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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OMFG my shoes arrived!!

Aren't they gorgeous? I've been lemming them ever since they popped up on the Tony Bianco website, but $189.95 felt wayyyy overpriced for my poor uni student budget (mind you, at one stage I nearly pressed checkout). For boxing day sales, these babies went down to $60!! I couldn't resist, so I ordered them. That was Christmas night, and what feels like twenty years later finally they arrived this morning. I've been wearing them around the house, they're a tad loose but who cares right? In real life they're slightly darker than the picture, which I prefer.

Anyway, I'm falling behind on my nail posts so here it is!
Face of Australia LUXE Nail Enamel in Foxy Roxy

Face of Australia LUXE Nail Enamel in Minty Mojito

I received these as Christmas presents from the lovely SilhouetteScreams along with two other polishes and a Concrete Minerals voucher. *kisses cheek* My friends know what colours I like in terms of nail polish, so of course they picked taupe and mint xD

Three coats for both shades, and the formula of both are pretty good. I needed three coats because the first two coats were a tad streaky. But overall, easy application and fairly fast drying. I love the names of the shades, Foxy Roxy and Minty Mojito, they're so cute!

As for the colour, the pictures are pretty good representations of what it looks like in real life. I mean come on, TAUPE and MINT. Aren't they just gorgeous colours?


  1. LOL *kisses cheek* reminds me of NYE when you kept saying "I kiss you all on the cheek" or something to that effect XD I'm glad you like them slapper! If you somehow lose the Concrete code lemme know and I'll email you the digital version.

  2. wow I love those shoe, I have a pair like them in black they make everything look amazing !! I love those nail colours together I do love a bit of mint nail polish.

  3. Haha that was actually what I was getting at. I was so overly affectionate xD

    When will our things arrive?! I want to stare at what I got, so I can use my gift voucher :)

  4. @Vintage and Cake - I was considering black, but I couldn't resist taupe xD