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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Lately I've been attracted to glittery/foil nail polish. Normally, I don't like glitter too much because of the effort required to remove it (which is why I only did 1 nail on my left hand and 2 nails on my right hand with the foil). Ever since this fail, I've been wary of cheap foil nail polish. A friend recommended this one though, so I had high expectations.

BK Nail Polish Fashion Color in Dark Blue (the foil)
Only two coats for full coverage, but I did have to put on a thick coat of Seche Vite to smooth out the gritty surface. In real life the bottle pulls a little navy, but on the nail this picture is a good representation. It has large chunky silver/holo glitter, as well as small silver and blue glitter. It dried quickly which I approve of. As with all foils however, a pain in the butt to remove!

Etude House Petit Darling Nails HD Beam in BL504 Star Ultra Marine (seriously, who comes up with these names in Korea? such a mouthful!)
I got this polish a while ago, and have worn it before, but never posted it. The name of the shade fits it perfectly, it is a marine blue. In the bottle it has tiny purple and navy shimmers, but once on the nail I can hardly notice the purple. It comes across as a slight blue shimmer. Two coats for this photo as well, great consistency and fast drying.

That's all folks!


  1. Wow that blue is so striking I love it, I love my Barry M blues I have them all ..You should try the glitter one it's epic xxx

  2. love what you did here, with one glittery nail! love it!!

  3. I love how you painted just one nail glittery though I know you did it so it's easy to remove LOL I've actually never paid much attention to nail polish quality until I started reading your blog now I want to try new polishes.....if my sister lets me experiment on her that is =P

    Oh in terms of driving, I HATE driving, I currently have my N which in my opinion is good enough for me lol but I'd still like to receive my permanent driving license....someday =P I feel for you having to drive to and from work though, I commute to school even though it takes me an hr but only 15min to drive hahahaha <-- how much I hate driving =P

    Oh LOL @ the beige bra comment, my bf loves simplicity so yeps beige/white/black it is, but don't get me wrong he loves all the underwear I have.....except the cartoony princess ones LOL!!!!!! TMI?

  4. YAY THE GLITTER POLISH :D I need to get some, and Cait found an awesome Covergirl holo in that Cosmetics Plus bargain bin the other week :O

  5. Wow! I just saw your comment on my blog saying how it the lips look like this manicure... You got it right! That type of blue is so amazing :) I really ADORE this! I wish Etude house was available in Canada, I would buy this polish SO BAD! :)
    I need to make swap with people who can buy this, it's that awesome :) And I never heard of the BK brand, it's seems good tho :)

    Gorgeous nails by the way, mine are soooo short and ugly -.-''


  6. super pretty blue!yah the lips on Marie blog did have the same look! lol

  7. Has there been any word if BK does animal testing?

    I love their polish as they are affordable and I heard that it's pretty good, but I'm iffy about getting products that condone animal testing.