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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glittery Golden Ball

Long time no post! Uni and work is getting/is hectic. I used to have so much time to bum around, but not anymore since its near the end of the semester and I started working. BUT at least I now have more money so spend on more pretties :)

So I went to a ball last Saturday and the theme was gold. I pretty much own no gold things, so I purchased a cheap gold nail polish and tried to do gold eye shadow. Needless to say, I failed miserably in the eye shadow department. So the only gold thing I had was my nails (even so, it was dark and noone could see them). At least I was happy right?

Here it is: Ulta3 Gold Digger. It was just a mass of glittery goop, I had to apply 4 coats for it to cover most of my bare nails. Such a pain to remove too even though I applied it over nude polish. In saying that, I think it would look great over a dark polish though. Not much to review, the colour is pretty much the same as the picture and application was horrible (but then what do you expect from glitter in a bottle?).


  1. Booo I saw this instore and was hoping it would be an awesome foil or something :(

    I am going to convert you to gold eyeshadow one day ;]

  2. Yeah this one is rather crappy. I do not recommend it for anything, other than as a topcoat over something else.

    I already love gold eyeshadow, just don't know how to wear it!