Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grey skies, blue skies.

Long time no post! Went on a weekend getaway and uni is getting hectic. Gahhh... For my holiday, I had orange-ish fingernails and emerald-ish toenails but I forgot to take photos before they got chipped and ugry. Maybe next time xD

So here is what I bought this Monday: BYS Nail Enamel Shadow PuppetsI've always wanted a grey nail polish, but always got distracted by other pretty colours.. But this one I HAD to get, because it has a tinge of lavender! *drools* So loving the colour, creamy light grey with a tinge of lavender.
Hmm can you see the imprints on my index and middle fingernail..? It clearly required more time to dry before I went to bed. So not a quick drier. After the photo I applied another coat to hide the imprints. Since it is a runny, not-so-opaque colour, three coats were required for opacity. Though its runny, it isn't streaky which is great. At the end of three days there was tipwear, but I change my nail colour often so it doesn't matter too much. This was the first BYS nail polish I tried, and I am pleased with this formula overall (for the price of $4 AUD and because there is a HUGE selection of colours). I will need to try out more of these.
NB. Smells horrid though, worse than other nail polishes I own. I know nail polish generally is not pleasantly fragranced, but this one smells like death even on my nails after it has dried.

After having grey nails for three days, I felt a little gloomy. So I decided to go for a sky blue: Chi Chi Mermaid. Well not sky blue, this has a tinge of green but still a pretty blue. I always tend to crawl back to Chi Chi nail polishes for some reason or another, and they never let me down both in terms of colour and formula.
This is one of the first few polishes of Chi Chi I purchased, so the bottle is the old design with no ingredients written on the back...All it has on the back is "quick thick nail fix MERMAID".
The colour is quite well represented by the photos, though the photo doesn't capture the fine silver shimmery metallic side of the polish. Because it is metallic, Mermaid is a little streaky in comparison to other creamy Chi Chi polishes. Consistency is also a little more runny than creamy Chi Chi colours, but still great application - not too runny, not too thick. Two coats for opacity here, and dries faster than the BYS above. Also, no tipwear yet on second day of wear :)

For your lulz: Epic hair-band tan on my wrist.


  1. Love both of those colours.
    Thank you for your comment on my 300 blogger thank you post. I really appreciate them. I am dealing with my fibro a lot better now. The first 3 years were pretty hard but I dont get as many flare ups these days and when I do get them they don't last as long...thankfully!
    Thanks again for your support.

  2. Is this the one I made you buy? :D The blue one is hotttttttttt

  3. Yessum, this is the one you made me buy.

    Hmm I need to whip these out and wear them more often.