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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I do, I do, I do

I do... HAVE A JOB NOW! I didn't paint my nails this colour for a job interview, it was because I was doing some unpaid work/work experience on Monday. As I was leaving to go home, I had missed calls on my phone so naturally I called back. It was for a job interview *woot* So I drove home hurriedly, got changed and went to the interview... and ta da, I have a job now xD

Enough about that, here is the shade that got me the job: Chi Chi- I do, I do, I do
N.B. Excuse my cuticles, both bottles of my cuticle oil seem to have grown some microorganisms. (Ewww cloudy looking stuff)

As I will say again and again for EVERY Chi Chi polish I own, perfect application. Maybe its personal preference, since my mum was whinging about this one being difficult to apply. I showed her real good. It is a gorgeous creamy light peach colour - similar to Revlon's famous Peach Petal lipgloss. Here I applied two coats with base and top coat. Doesn't apply streaky, but dries a little slow compared to other Chi Chi polishes.

The colour it applies is true to the bottle, as in the above picture. The colour in real life is pretty close to the picture also. I love how they name the shades. So adorable.


  1. oh, love the nude peachy tones!
    and cute brand too, "chichi" ^^

  2. The Chi Chi nail polish color is so cute! I really like it!