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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Etude House GR601 Pop Green Slush

SECOND REVIEW WOOT. I originally wanted to do all my Chi Chi nail polishes first, but I felt like wearing this colour last night.

For this swatch, it was close to midnight and I painted my nails while I was printing double sided lecture notes. So please excuse the poor application (empty patches AND polish on the skin)...

Thumb: one thick coat, Fingers: two thin coats

Etude House GR601 Product Page Picture

The camera doesn't seem to be able to pick up the green of the polish. I got a picture of the product page of Etude House, because the actual colour is closest to that but with a pop of green. It is a very bright teal which I absolutely love. This one is a lot thinner/watery than the PK010. Even though it is so watery, one coat can actually give an opaque payoff (for the thumb I only applied one coat). In saying that though, I prefer watery because its less likely to become streaky.

No top coat for this one too, because I didn't have time (wanted to sleep). I applied it last night and had uni all day 9am-5pm, and it hasn't chipped or peeled yet!

That's all for now, please comment on how to improve on my reviewing skills ^__^


  1. You must see it in person. So much prettier! The camera can't capture its prettiness XD