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Monday, July 26, 2010

Chi Chi Hollywood Heiress, Etude House PK010

Very first review/swatch post ever! My camera is rather crappy so sorry about the quality of the photos...But I think the photos are a pretty good match to the actual colours!

I love Chi Chi nail polishes since they were the first nail polishes other than $2 chemists nail polishes for me. They are not gluggy but not too thin, and apply smoothly to the colour in the bottle in two coats! They come in a range of colours, and I end up buying another one if they are on sale at Myer. Chi Chi cosmetics is an Australian brand and proudly Australian Made.

Etude House nail polishes are great since they're so cheap and come in small bottles so you can buy heaps of colours without worrying they'll dry up before you get to use them ^__^ They apply pretty well for the price (1000-2000 Korean won which equates to like $1.50-$3 AUD depending on exchange rates), with much better opacity than $2 chemists nail polishes.

Left: Chi Chi Hollywood Heiress, Right: Etude House PK010
(Note- Chi Chi nail polish bottle tops have 4 silver lines around the top, I accidentally wiped this one with nail polish remover)

Chi Chi Hollywood Heiress is my all time favourite nail polish. I'm on my second bottle because the first one got gluggy after a while so I put nail polish remover in it (idiotic I know) and the colour changed :S I don't think there are any swatches available for Hollywood Heiress (well I can't find it on Google anyway) even though it's so pretty! It is a very pinky coral, two coats for opacity with no streaks. I didn't apply a top coat to show how shiny it is! I absolutely love this colour, and I think it suits all skin tones. I have light yellowish hands (typical Asian) and my mum has darker browner hands - it suits us both.

Etude House PK010: Index and pinky finger, Chi Chi Hollywood Heiress: the other three >_>

As for the Etude House PK010, it is a Barbie pink. Not hot pink but the pink Barbie cars and houses are made of. I wouldn't call this shade a baby pink or strawberry milk pink because they have more white in them... I applied two coats, with no top coat again. I don't wear pink nail polish often, but this one is okay - as long as I don't JUST wear this one on its own. I had to file my nails short because I can't wear pink on long nails (frightens me a little).

There you have it, first review ever! Please comment on how I can improve *^_^*


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! It's great to see someone take up blogging too! The polish looks great on you, it's very pretty:) And don't worry over whether your reviews are "good" or not yet, in time you will figure out what works best for you. And at least you are typing in proper English and not TyPiNg LyK DiZ, and that's good enough for me :)

    Thanks for your comment on my post as well, I replied in a comment on my post but I thought since I was leaving a comment here I might as well just answer your qn here as well. I don't have any dupes for Rain Polish, but I think Nubar Palisade might be close. I don't own Palisade, though, I'm just going off swatches I've seen, so I may be way off! But I hope it helps somehow!

  2. Ooooh that Chi Chi one looks so purrty on you, slapper :) great review whorebag!

    I tried one of my Etude House ones on my toes the other day - in the bottle it looked minty with slight blue leanings, but on my toes it's totally Tiffany Blue :| I'm so disturbed. I like it, but I'm still disturbed haha.

  3. Why thank you, I will do another one once I redo my nails... but I tend to do it at night, and the lighting is bad for phototaking :(

    Etude House Mint Slush? I was gonna buy it then I didn't after seeing swatches, because it wasn't minty! I bought 6 Etude House nail polishes that I will review once they arrive.