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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Face Shop: GL112 aka goldish metallic

What a shame the Face Shop don't name their polishes. I absoultely fail at describing a specific colour - like this one - and the name GL112 doesn't do this colour justice at all! I got this on my recent(ish) Melbourne trip. I'm so jealous of you Melbournites, with easy access to pretty asian cosmetics and MACARONS!!

Glittery frosty finish, but not streaky. I may have mentioned before, but I can't apply frosty polishes to save my life (streaky mess, anyone?). This one, though frosty, wasn't too horrible in the brush-marks department. 3 thin coats for opacity as per these pictures, and no top coat here. The only issue I had with this polish was the size of the brush. It is FAT. Not only fat, but FANS OUT. What does that mean? Messy application - for me at least - because I clearly apply nail polish with my eyes closed. I'll post a picture of brush comparisons soon.

But for only 3 bucks, I'll recommend everyone to go and get this polish. Along with 50 other polishes from the Face Shop. 

PS. I just updated to the new blogger editor. I don't like it very much because I'm not used to it. Maybe it'll grow on me.


  1. Ooh pretty :D
    They have a Face Shop in Adelaide, can't wait to go when I'm there in a couple of weekends :D Tis definitely a favourite. I hate how they don't have names too :(
    And only $3!? The cheapest Face Shop ones in Adelaide are $4.95 and then the shimmery/glittery/foily ones are $12.90!!!

  2. Cat- I know right, so much pretty <3

    Em- selling a $3 polish for $12.90? Crazy!! I think I know what you'll be doing in Adelaide... shopping!

  3. I kinda wish I'd bought some now, but that girl was evil >:O