Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ozotic Pro 517: Light green linear holo...

which looks silver most of the time.
Can you tell I swatched this on the same day as Ozotic Pro 509? RIGHT HAND SHOT

Maybe I fail at telling colours apart, but Ozotic Pro 517 looks the same as 509 most of the time. Maybe its the holo effect blinding me. 517 is not as sheer as 509, so I only applied 3 coats here. At first I was like "WTF I just bought two identical nail polishes", then found under artificial lighting (I noticed the difference at work), 509 is straight silver while 517 has a light green tinge.
I really wanted to capture the difference between 509 and 517. But clearly failed. 

With flash. Q: Can you tell which nail is which polish? Answer is below!
In shade

Under sunlight
A: 509, 517, 509, 517

517 on left, 509 on right

You can kind of see the difference in the bottle photo above. Similar or not, 517 is an awesome holographic polish!

Have you ever bought nail polish practically the same colour without realising?


  1. Exxcellent comparison - they really do look identical!

    I realised I had about 3 identical shades of lavender and I don't even love lavender that much... also with hot pinks too, though I like them a bit more :)

  2. Can't tell the difference - equally gorgeous!!!

  3. Jaztee- 3 lavender shades? I wanna see them!

    Jerry- I want more holo polishes now :(

    Vita- There is a slight difference, I just can't seem to capture it! The holo effect is both amazing though.